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The Royal Life Saving Society


The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is the drowning prevention charity and the UK’s leading provider of water safety and drowning prevention education.

Here at the RLSS UK we have an impressive heritage. We have built up years of experience and we are proud to boast a strong force of loyal members and volunteers who work with us to promote water safety and educate in life saving skills. Our roots were established back in 1891 as the ‘Life Saving Society’, and in the early 1900s, with support from the Royal family, we were granted permission to adopt the ‘Royal’ to our title – a badge that we are still immensely proud of today.

The Royal Life Saving Society Sussex Branch

You are now starting to develop as a life saver and during silver you build on what you have already learnt.
It consists of:

Loacl Links

These links are about other groups in our local Horsham area.

The Sensory Tree

The Sensory Tree is a group set up to provide a safe, understanding and non-judgemental environment for disabled children and young people, many of whom, due to their special needs, are unable to access other community facilities.

West Sussex

Your complete guide to what's happening in and around West Sussex

General Links

General links that maybe of interest:

Sofa Dodger

Sofa Dodger

Where did the idea of SofaDodger come from?

This is very cliché but the idea of SofaDodger popped into my head at about 4am one night. As a mother of 3 kids, the run-up to each school holiday includes trawling the internet, publications and local leaflets thinking of ways to keep them amused. I have always found this a frustrating exercise, with a notable lack of information!

On the flipside, as the Club Secretary of my local hockey club, we do find it difficult to promote our club and for that matter, our sport locally. Obviously these two difficulties married up in my head one night and the concept was born.