RLSS UK Survive & Save programme

The main focus of our training is on the RLSS UK Survive & Save programme which was launched in 2012 and is suitable for anyone 12 years and older.

The Survive & Save programme has 4 different progression routes:

  • Beach - We venture down to Lancing and experience Life Saving in a beach environment.
  • Sport - Here students learn elements of Life Saving sport
  • Stillwater - In this strand we train at Southwater Lake
  • Medallion - This strand combines the Sport and Stillwater together but in the pool environment
The awards are arranged into three skill levels: The levels are designed to ensure that your lifesaving skills develop as you progress up through the awards structure.

Community Lifesaving Programmes

The Club also offers courses as part of the RLSS UK Community Lifesaving Programmes. These courses are Save a Baby's Life and Community Life support. We also offer Water Safety sessions for local schools and groups.

Our courses are not run to make a profit, but merely to cover costs. If you would like us to run a community lifesaving programme in your group or school please contact us. See our Baby page for details of the next courses being run and to sign up.